Transcription & typing services for old handwritten letters, journals, deeds, documents ... 

Ashcraft Historical Transcription transcribes original documents.

We transcribe all handwritten personal and business materials. We are expert at reading early American handwriting ... and at deciphering just plain bad handwriting!!

  • Letters
  • Maritime logbooks and journals
  • University archives materials
  • Immigration records
  • Old wills
  • Property deeds
  • Land surveys and field notes
  • Travel diaries
  • Hand-written family trees & genealogies
  • Memoirs
  • Bundles of family letters
  • Yellowed newspaper articles and obituaries ...
  • ... and even a box of old family recipes!
Our goal is to help ensure that these documents be preserved so they can be shared with family members, researchers and colleagues.

Contact us and let us help you get what you need from your documents. No project is too small!

"Jeanne transcribed 75 letters that my grandmother sent to my grandfather while he was stationed in Hawaii at the end of World War II. I found her through a Google search, not knowing her from Adam, and she immediately impressed me with her warmth, promptness and professionalism. She transcribed the letters far more quickly than I expected, and it was a pleasure emailing back and forth with her about the process. My family will cherish these transcriptions for generations and I wholeheartedly recommend Jeanne's services to anyone." 
Megan Greenberg, Sonora, California

“We had a large, multi-year transcription project consisting of documents dating back to 1852. Ashcraft Historical Transcription took ownership of this project, coming in under budget and finishing in less than the allotted time. Jeanne took the time to do the necessary relevant research, which is evident in her high-quality work product. She is conscientious, flexible, and very easy to work with.”
    -  City Secretary’s Office, City of Corpus Christi, Texas, 2020

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