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"I highly recommend Jeanne for any transcription project! If you want quick turnaround, meticulous work, and helpful insights, look no further than Ashcraft Historical Transcription."  -  Matt Bronleewe, Tennessee

"A pleasure to work with... Always followed up to clarify context... Definitely on the mark with transcribing a very illegible primary source."  -  Mike Kahn, Yorktown Heights, New York

"I was remarkably impressed with Jeanne Ashcraft's historical transcription service. Not only were the service fees more than reasonable but Jeanne's extraordinary efforts over several weeks to ensure the best and most accurate transcription of a very difficult letter to decipher was fantastic. I highly recommend Ashcraft Historical Transcription and enjoyed the entire process with Jeanne very much."  -  Dave Wheelan, Chestertown, MD

"These letters are fantastic! When I think the letters can't get any better ... the next one tops the last! I'm really delighted with this whole transcription project, and having the letters easily readable in a Word doc makes my research and writing so much more productive. Obtaining these transcriptions has been one of the best research decisions I've made!” - University doctoral student, February 2017

"What professional and fast work. I am absolutely delighted to have found you! I no doubt will have some other projects along the way as our town approaches its 200th birthday! Look forward to keeping in touch. Fascinating work!"  -   Bill Jeffway, Town of Milan, New  York
"My experience working with Jeanne has been beyond wonderful. Everything was done quickly with the highest level of accuracy. If there was ever a problem with something, she would always follow up and let me take a look and make the final decision. She was very fair and everything was formatted in the most professional manner. If I need any more work to be done in the future, this is the first place I will go." - Tyler Proctor, Farmington, Utah

"Jeanne transcribed our 1874 articles of incorporation, a document marking the "big bang" of our company's universe. The quality of her work is exceptional. She paid attention to detail, researched any items needing verification, and kept us posted throughout the process. Best of all, the final product was formatted to resemble its source document, making it truly come to life." - Suzanne Goldberg, Corporate Paralegal, The ADT Security Company, Boca Raton, Florida
"I am very satisfied with the work that Jeanne did for me. She was accurate, consistent, and she went beyond my expectations. I have no reason anymore to search for other person to transcribe any documents in my future research. Jeanne, thank you. It was really a pleasure to deal with you."  - Loucas Geroulias, Levadia, Greece
“Jeanne transcribed dozens of my mother’s handwritten letters from the 1950s and
performed the task faultlessly. I found her via an online search and was impressed with
her interest in the project and dedication to ensuring that the transcriptions were accurate
and well presented. I recommend Jeanne without hesitation.”

-       Robert McRobbie, Sydney, Australia

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